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The trusted global partner for maritime security solutions.

Ambrey has over 1000 maritime security guards, advisors and specialist consultants. Hand-picked for their experience and qualifications, they are then trained to the very highest standards at one of our three training centres in the UK, Poland and Sri Lanka. Career progression and feeling part of the Ambrey team are both key parts of working in our team.

Our guards are employed from a number of countries, including the UK, Albania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Greece. We are always looking to expand our team of skilled and highly-motivated security professionals including committed British, European (NATO Forces) and Asian subcontractors.







All of our personnel, even if they have previously done maritime security work for other PMSCs, are required to hold City and Guilds Maritime Security Operative 8269 qualification – it is a compulsory  part of our ISO 28007 certification.

If you do not currently hold this qualification, we will offer you the opportunity to take the five-day course (including our Ambrey Induction course for two days) at one of our accredited training centres in the UK, Poland, or Sri Lanka.

We offer the opportunity to achieve all qualification requirements prior to deploying without any upfront cost to the candidate. We have a variety of options depending on the nationality of the candidate and the specific qualification requirements.


Ambrey Security Guard Insights

Working as a Maritime Security Operative for Ambrey offers you the chance to use your military experience and skills to protect the vessels and crew as they transit through high risk areas affected by piracy and maritime crime.

How long would I be deployed for?

We typically deploy you for three to six months, during which time you will work on a number of projects and different vessels.

Are there opportunities for training?

Ongoing personal development is important to us, so training is built in to your schedule while you are deployed, be it for team leadership, weapons handling, or simply to refresh your knowledge on our Standard Operating Procedures or Weapons Handling Tests.

Where would I stay while I’m deployed?

Down time is on our transfer vessels or in one of our villas in Comoros or Galle. All travel and accommodation while you are deployed is looked after by our team.

What are the career prospects?

We strongly believe in encouraging and supporting you to progress in your career with us. All guards are performance reviewed at the end of each transit so we can identify your talents and reward them. We also encourage your interest in promotion to more senior positions like Team Leader, Vessel Manager, or Armourer, and provide training to support your ambitions.

Do you have a drug and alcohol policy?

We operate a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, which includes travel time. We are committed to testing 10o% of all personnel each year. You will be regularly, randomly tested while staying on transfer vessels or in our Comoros and Galle villas, or by one of our roaming Senior Team Leaders.

Is there a uniform?

Yes. Our guards are provided with Ambrey t-shirts while they are deployed, and you will also wear full HSE PPE (as detailed on your Ambrey training courses) to ensure your safety.


Lee Gillman - Senior Team Leader

"Ambrey are not only the biggest but the best that they can be in this often complex and unique industry. Ambrey has a number of opportunities in niche areas and is expanding rapidly so the future is extremely exciting with challenges that are yet to be overcome"

The safety and welfare of our teams is always at the forefront of our minds and we continuously work hard to maintain the highest possible standards.