Before you begin the application process, please check that you have all the right documentation in place. You can visit our requirements page to find out more.

Once you have submitted an application form we will arrange a telephone interview with you, usually within three working days of receiving your application. As part of this interview we work out what, if any, additional qualifications or paperwork you might need in order to work with us.

You will also need to complete an Ambrey Medical, so that our clients can be confident that you are physically, mentally and dentally fit for the job. Our company doctor will give you a detailed medical report form for your own doctor to complete. Note that some doctors will charge you to complete this form, and it can take up to two weeks.

Once you are cleared in terms of paperwork and the medical we will send you on our two-day induction course. Then, on satisfactory completion, you will be deployed as soon as we have an appropriate project for you.

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Please ensure you meet our minimum requirements for Ambrey guards before completing this form.

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