Angela Sanders
- Operations Director: Indian Ocean

What do you do day to day?

As AD of Operations Support I am responsible for ensuring all support functions are correctly and efficiently resourced inline with strategic, commercial and operational priorities and targets. This includes the planning and forecasting of Manpower, Weapon & Equipment, Travel and Administrative support at HO.

What do you enjoy the most?

I love the challenges we face every day, no two days are ever the same! I oversee the Operations Support, Operations Administration, Recruitment and Training and Logistics teams. Within these teams there are a lot of varied backgrounds and personalities. This mix makes Ambrey a very special place to work.

What makes you good at it?

I am a people person and at Ambrey I work with a diverse range of people, both in the office and out on the water. In my 8 years at Ambrey, I have been lucky enough to work with some very experienced people who, as subject matter experts in their fields, have taught me a lot. This has helped me develop my key skills and diversified my knowledge of the industry.

What’s the biggest challenge?

The constant changes we face and have to overcome. Making sure we have the correct teams, kit & equipment available and in the right locations at the right time to meet our clients needs and ensure the continuous growth of Ambrey.

What’s your business motto?

‘No is not an option. There is always a solution!’
My teams will hear me say this on a regular basis, usually on a Friday (or as we call it in Operations, Fastball Friday). An urgent request for a team will come in and my team will come to me to say they can’t find the specific criteria of guard required. This is when they hear me state this phrase. Much to their annoyance, there is always someone somewhere!