Eleanor Hoyle
- Compliance & Legal Director

What do you do day to day?

I run the Compliance department. My team work with all Ambrey teams and stakeholders to write and deliver policy and procedures that work for everyone and ensure Ambrey businesses are operating to the highest standard in all regions. We work closely with our clients managing all audit and due diligence requests. A typical day can include writing policy, meeting a client for an audit, reviewing H&S statistics, checking in with Flag State and licencing bodies.

What do you enjoy most?

I love the challenge of researching and writing new policy plus spending time having lively discussions with our clients during audits!

What makes you good at it?

I’ve always worked in commercially focused & creative businesses. Before I arrived at Ambrey I worked as a television producer. I learnt to tick this checklist with every task: Legal background, compliance framework, creative approach, commercially viable, operationally sound. I use the same list at Ambrey!

What is the biggest challenge?

Ambrey’s limitless drive has led the industry. We’re always charting new territory with new challenges and while complicated its exciting when we establish frameworks and processes for new areas.

What’s your business motto?

In Compliance – we don’t really have a motto, it’s all about asking ourselves questions; usually these 3 – What’s the context? What are the rules? Do we have precedent?


T: +44 203 503 0374