James Gasson-Hargreaves
- Managing Director

What do you do day to day?

As the Managing Director, my role is try and join-the-dots across the company.  I act as the 2IC to the Group Managing Director and translate the strategy into reality.

What do you enjoy the most?

Working with clients on fast paced and diverse projects means that everyday is different.  No two clients are the same and so ensuring that we really understand what motivates them and what they need to succeed is fascinating.

What makes you good at it?

I tend to intuitively see the pathway to a solution and have a track record of successfully integrating people, teams and systems.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Against the backdrop of seemingly endless turmoil in the world, Ambrey is constantly evolving.  My job is to ensure that each component of the Ambrey Group is supporting the other in the most efficient way to ensure we deliver the right solutions, on time, for the complex and sensitive needs of our clients.

What’s your business motto?

If in doubt, collaborate.