In the regions that allow us to deploy our own guards and firearms we use Ambrey guards, who are trained in-house and fully vetted by us. In all other regions we deploy Local Naval Armed Guards.

Ambrey guards are trained at our training locations in Poland, Ukraine, India and Sri Lanka, ensuring they have an independently validated MSO certification which has been specifically developed to meet the Maritime Security Standard ISO 28007. Once they are fully qualified we also keep these personnel up-to-date with refresher training covering the latest developments in the industry threat, including regulatory updates and threat analysis.

We also recognise that there are times when individual clients, their flag states or charterers have their own requirements for guards, and we will work with you to make sure that the team we deploy can meet those needs.


The minimum qualifications a guard must have in order to work for Ambrey are:

Military service

Our guards must have a minimum of four years of continuous service in the military, as well as full military discharge papers showing a good service record.

Seafarers fitness

All our guards have an ENG 1 certificate or equivalent, confirming their fitness as a seafarer. We run additional mental, physical and dental checks on our personnel to ensure they are fit to deploy.

A criminal records check

Our guards are checked and confirmed as having no unspent convictions or conditional cautions.

Maritime training and certification

Guards must gain the STCW certificate (all 4 modules), and also undertake a module vessel familiarisation as part of their security training.

Maritime Security Specific training and certification

Guards must hold a certificate confirming a pass of either the MSO 8269 Level 3 City & Guilds or the Ambrey/LRQA course.

Relevant inoculations

Our guards are required to keep their vaccinations up-to-date, particularly their Yellow Fever inoculation.

First Aid training

Our guards must have appropriate medical training, including dealing with a serious trauma, to a recognised national or international standard. All guards can liaise with our company doctor as required.

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