In some parts of West Africa, most particularly Nigeria, it is only possible to use Local Naval Armed Guards to provide armed security, but these personnel are only allowed to be embarked on commercial vessels in some countries.  So in Nigeria, it’s only possible to provide security using Local Navy Armed Guards from Nigerian-navy-approved Security Escort Vessels (SEVs). In countries like Togo and Ghana however, you’re free to embark LNAGs provided your flag state permits it.

We personally sea-trial every vessel before deployment to ensure it can perform as necessary, completing and carefully documenting a full inspection. We check that each SEV is well maintained, can achieve the required speed to match that of the client vessel it is protecting, has effective communications capabilities and has a competent crew on board. Every SEV we deploy has been fully registered and approved by the Nigerian Navy.

Each escort operation is then mobilised by our in-country Operations Manager, who oversees everything from bunkering to the embarkation and deployment of the local guards, and every vessel is tracked in real-time using our bespoke tracking platform. We also embark an Ambrey-trained Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO) on board each escort vessel to provide liaison between our Ops team, the vessel crew and the host nation forces. This approach ensures effective command and control of each operation, ensuring the smoothest possible delivery of our SEV service.

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