When local laws prohibit armed guards from being placed on board vessels, we ensure the safety and security of our clients by providing armed security escort vessels (SEVs).


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Ambrey can provide SEVs, with armed guards onboard, in each of the three main piracy areas globally. However, West Africa, and in particular Nigeria, is where we provide this service most frequently. Offering SEVs in this region has historically been a challenge, due to a combination of extremely high costs and issues of poor performance and reliability. Ambrey’s market differentiator and strong advantage in Nigeria is our investment in a fleet of SEVs that provide consistent reliability at a manageable cost.

Each of our SEVs are deployed in compliance with state requirements, with a team of Local Naval Armed Guards and a Liaison Officer. We have excellent local relationships and suppliers, who work hard to guarantee our performance and quality levels, and our experienced team of Operations Managers based in Nigeria personally sea-trial every vessel before deployment to ensure it can perform as necessary. Each SEV is also fully equipped with the navigation and communications equipment needed to allow them to safely undertake all types of offshore security tasks, including escorting, field protection and rapid response/intervention.

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