Marine Kidnap and Ransom

Bringing clarity and speedy resolution to crisis

As we enter a new decade, Kidnap for Ransom is a growing peril for the maritime industry. The immediate impact and long-term trauma on crew members and their families is obvious. Less so, are the ancillary costs and huge disruption to the day to day running of your business. The Gulf of Guinea remains a high-risk area for piracy; the region accounting for over 76% of crew kidnappings globally.

Ambrey offer a tried and tested solution to help you to prepare for an incident and, if the worst should happen, provide the practical hands-on support of our highly experienced crisis team. What makes us unique is our ability to provide a full in-house service response, protecting not only your most important human assets – the crew – but also the ability to secure your vessel and cargo and replace crew post incident. It is a truly coherent and integrated service that is unique in the maritime industry.

Our crisis management team have been working together for over ten years and have successfully resolved over 300 cases. Supported by Ambrey’s world leading maritime capabilities the team have the capabilities and in-house resources to cover incidents in any region in the world.

Ambrey take compliance very seriously, always providing experienced legal counsel as part of their crisis team. We are retained by Lloyd’s of London underwriters.

Marine Crisis Resolution Model

Our all-inclusive offering is unique and covers all aspects of an incident from the initial report to the repatriation of hostages. Our crisis team respond quickly to guide the customer through our well-established and effective crisis resolution model to:

  • secure the vessel and cargo;
  • replace the remaining crew or augment it;
  • operate a Crisis Management Team (CMT);
  • develop and assist with crisis communications;
  • enact well-tested strategies for communication, negotiations and reaching a settlement with the pirates;
  • develop lines of intelligence;
  • maintain relationships with multiple stakeholders including foreign governments, their agencies and local authorities;
  • communicate with insurers, underwriters and brokers;
  • ensure regulatory compliance and protecting your company from associated reputational and other risks (e.g. funding terrorism; moving large sums of cash; bribery and corruption);
  • effect the secure delivery of the ransom to achieve the safe and speedy return of the taken crew.